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Trades Insurance Kit

It’s important to have the right tools for the job; and it’s just as important to get the right insurance for your business.

A simple, tailor-made insurance package for tradespeople

Trades Insurance Kit is designed to suit the needs of mobile tradespeople from plumbers and electricians to mobile coffee and dog grooming vans. Whether you’re just looking for liability insurance or a range of policies, it offers great flexibility as you can arrange your insurance to meet your particular business needs.
  • Easy to arrange

    All that’s needed is a phone call to our friendly client service team or a meeting with your local area manager who can call on you.

  • Meet licensing requirements with consumer protection cover

    We have designed a number policies to specifically meet licensing requirements of plumbers in Victoria and electricians in Queensland - ensuring protection for both consumers and your legal liability.

  • No forms to complete

    There is no need to fill out detailed forms to arrange your insurance cover or if you need to make a claim.

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Tailor a trades insurance package to suit you

We understand that every trade business is different, so having options when choosing insurance for your business is important. Trades Insurance Kit includes the following business insurance policies:

Product Details

Important Information

The information provided above is intended as a summary only and is subject to the terms & conditions of the policy. For full details of the cover, conditions and exclusions relating to WFI’s business insurance please refer to the WFI Trades Insurance Kit Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

If you are an existing policyholder, a previous version of the PDS may apply to your policy. Please contact WFI on 1300 934 934 for assistance.

Why choose WFI?
Over 100 years' experience
Leading business insurer
Deal direct, from enquiry to claim
Talk to a local client service team
Tailor an insurance package to suit you

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