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Our History

A fine history

Since 1919, we’ve met with Australians in their homes, at their workplaces, on their farms and in our branches to talk about their insurance needs.


Early beginnings

In 1919 the Westralian Farmers Co-operative opens the Insurance Department to cater for the insurance needs of WA’s farming community – during this time, a small number of representatives covered the whole agricultural area of WA. 



During the 1980s, the Insurance Department of the Westralian Farmers' Co-operative becomes a separate company – Wesfarmers Insurance Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wesfarmers Limited. Wesfarmers Insurance acquired the country business of Royal Insurance in WA, and expands into SA, Victoria and southern NSW.

Wesfarmers 75th Anniversary Feature in West Liftout, 16 June 1989

Westsure Balloon flying wool bale to Wagin Woolarama, 10 March 1988



In the early 1990s, Wesfarmers Federation Insurance is born from the acquisition of Federation Insurance, giving Wesfarmers Insurance a national presence.

Insurance agent works from a makeshift office set up in the street after his office was badly damaged in the Moora floods in 1999

Feature in Westsure 1990



In 2003, Wesfarmers Limited acquires Lumley General Insurance in Australia and New Zealand and in 2009, Wesfarmers Federation Insurance is rebranded WFI. 

By the end of the 2000s, WFI is a leading general insurer for farmers and small business owners, with over 150 area managers and 80 branches operating across Australia.



In 2014 WFI joins IAG, Australasia’s leading general insurance group. By this stage, WFI has 170 area managers and 16 client service teams nationwide. 

In 2019, WFI celebrates 100 years of providing excellence in insurance to rural, commercial and domestic markets.

Orange Field Days, 1988

Ag Quip Tamworth, 1996


WFI 100 Year Anniversary Dinner, 13 November 2019

WFI 100 Year Anniversary Dinner, 13 November 2019