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Community and Sponsorship

Supporting local communities

WFI is part of IAG, Australasia’s largest general insurer. We recognise our responsibilities toward the environment and the community in our various roles as insurer, investor, employer and consumer.



We are proud to be involved in a range of agricultural, commercial and community partnerships that reflect shared goals and common organisation values. 


What we will support

WFI receives many requests for sponsorship each year. As an organisation, we have an interest in activity that falls within the following categories:

  • Rural, commercial and industry organisations and events
  • Community organisations and events
  • Organisations and events promoting safety at work, at home and in the community.


What we do not support

Whilst we would like to support all requests, we simply cannot due to an already broad program of sponsorship activity. WFI will not support sponsorships that may be detrimental to our brand or offend a specific community group. These include but are not limited to:

  • Events and activities held outside Australia
  • Sponsorships that involve our competitors
  • Programs that denigrate, exclude or offend minority groups
  • Political organisations or campaigns
  • Religious organisations for religious activities
  • Organisations linked to contentious issues
  • Programs that may present a hazard to the community
  • Extreme or dangerous sports and activities
  • Individuals or groups participating in activities for personal gain or benefit
  • The promotion of alcohol, tobacco, dangerous driving, gambling, activities with a negative impact on the environment or illegal activities.


Volunteering & Giving at IAG

Volunteering is just one way IAG helps our communities to be safer, stronger and more confident. Our people are entitled to one day, or 7.5 hours, of charity leave each year to volunteer for the cause of their choice.

In addition, our people can support more than 1,000 charities through workplace giving. All donations are matched by the IAG Foundation, which means charities receive double the donation. We believe that together we can make a big difference.


Creating shared value and sustainability 

IAG’s Vision is to create Asia Pacific’s most loved, most inventive and most successful insurer. We will only achieve this if we use our deep understanding of risk to benefit the communities in which we operate. By improving risk awareness and supporting behaviour change we can reduce loss and hardship, reducing claims costs and increasing our profitability. We can then pass savings back to our shareholders and re-invest them to build more resilient communities. The virtuous circle continues.

We have continued to enhance our governance and approach to shared value and sustainability by developing commitments and targets that are aligned to our shared value framework and will help us create Safer, Stronger and More Confident communities.

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Globally, natural perils have major impacts for society and devastate the lives of people. Australia currently spends an estimated $560 million each year on disaster recovery. In contrast, IAG invest around $50 million each year in mitigation to improve community resilience. 

Community resilience has become a critical focus for disaster management globally and locally. Connected communities with engaged residents are more likely to be better prepared for, and better equipped to recover from, major events. That is why IAG is exploring new ways to create more resilient communities. We are working with selected communities affected by disasters to identify how we can better support the rebuilding process and, at the same time, improve resilience to future events.